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Dirt 4 - UI improvement for "Add Stage"


Currently, there are 2 ways to add a stage to an event in Freeride:
When "Add Stage" is highlighted:
1. by pressing Enter the UI changes to "Your Stage Generation". When leaving, we have to confirm ("Do you really...?" - could we get rid of that?)
2. by pressing Context Menu (e.g. square on PS4) and choosing "Load Stage" (too much interaction needed btw) the UI changes to a dialog with 4 tabs: "Career Stage", "My Stages", "Stage History" and  "Received Stages"

I would suggest combining these 2, as that would be much more intuitive. I keep catching myself often choosing the wrong one, having to exit (answering the question from your stage "do you really...?") and then bringing up context menu, navigating to "load stage" etc. etc. Just too much hassle and not very intuitive.

When "Add Stage" is highlighted:
by pressing [Enter] the UI changes to a new Screen with the generic title "Add Stage". This would have 5 tabs:
- "Your Stage" or "Generate Track" or similar
- the other 4 ones

This way the user could spontaneously decide if they want to generate one or pick one from the lists.

On a side note:
Can we actually use "Dirt Rally Suggestion box" for suggestions on Dirt 4?
I actually tried that but it seems to be broken: On "Save poll" it says "The discussion you are looking for could not be found".
Maybe a Forum admin wants to look into that.


  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    On your point number 1.  You need to press confirm so that it knows you don't want to add any more stages from that location, after pressing confirm you can then change location and add more :smile:
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