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Dirt 4 - Show off your livery / sponsors

Do we not have a thread about this?
The options are limited, but you can get some interesting effects combining different materials for all four colors.
I know, the sponsor.... But it is the best one currently available.


  • caerphotocaerphoto Member Wheel Nut
    edited June 2017
    Here's my 'fireball' livery. Blue is matte, yellow and red are gloss metallic, black is carbon fibre.

  • NicksterZurbanoNicksterZurbano Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    Blue and Yellow scheme inspired by Lancia 037 Grifone
  • WhiteWagonWhiteWagon Member Co-Driver
    Great idea for a thread. I've been changing liveries everytime I get new sponsors recently.

    The Kadette and Ascona I changed to try to recreate the old Marlboro HDT scheme, I tried to do Longhurst's old BMW E30, the Martini(esque) 2001 Focus, Texaco Sierra etc.

    I wish PS4 had a better way to share screenshots.
    Mostly I wish they gave us more livery patterns. 
  • WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
    I wish they would have done more spots on each pattern for sponsors (not necessarily more sponsors). Patterns often look not realistic enough  because they are too empty. Some usual sponsor spots like above fenders or on the front and rear and also on the roof are just barely used.

    Some patterns are also not fully thought through because a sponsor on the front fits in white color on darker background. But the same sponsor at a different spot is placed on a different color layer which is probably bright and the white color is useless. But you can't change each sponsor spot individually.

  • tbtstttbtstt Member Champion
    Great idea for a thread! My cars are all plain white at the moment, but I'm interested to see what people have created using the livery designs in game. 

    "If In Doubt, Flat Out!"

  • mesamesa Member Co-Driver
    Milestone's SLRE - feelings in the Air ...  :D 

    - mesa -

    More liveries / mods of mine at

    Logitech G27 w OMP 350 mm

  • SepponaattoriSepponaattori Member Unleaded
    This is a really good idea for a thread. I usually tend to change my livery according to the sponsors so expect me to flood this thread haha.
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