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Dirt 4 - Feedback and suggestions

Hello, here is my list for improvements.

- Navigator commenting with finnish language
- Chance to make smaller rooms (for example six)
- Raise player maximum amount to 12 (6 vs 6 in rally cross)
- Possibility to get both money and experience from wins and other placements in online after final results
- Chance to drive rally-cross tracks opposite way
- More tracks 
- Offline hotseat and split screen
- Add 4vs4 "Cat and mouse" -event from Dirt 3! It was very fun!

Many thanks if any of these is possible to make!


  • MarshymallerMarshymaller Member New Car Smell
    I would, for one, love to see the option to have individual liveries for all my cars. I love the team dynamic and all of that, but there are plenty of cars where my livery just doesn't look that good since I designed it for a specific car. Having the option to customize per-car would massively improve the experience without requiring much new content from the devs (assuming the backend is easy enough to modify). If I were to guess on how to do it right, I'd have the garage choose livery option have an option to create a custom livery and then have you go into a modified version of the branding suite where you cannot change team name or anything like that, but you can change the livery design and colors. Big bonus for being able to choose which sponsor design you want on your car so you can have both light and dark colorschemes, but I fully get if that's too much work.
  • thePainterthePainter Member New Car Smell

    Love the new DIRT4 for the physics when player can feel uneven road surface. But i am a bit dissapointed with the graphics of the track and environment. I am surprised that graphics of the track looks like a step back as i thing the previous version looked better.

    Here´s a list of suggested improvements.

    1. ground textures - ex. leaves in Australia just a texture without some real mesh for the leaves - maybe random particle system for it. Ground textures have really strong bump/normal map.
    2. missing physics for sponsor panels and the nearby foliage. When a car passed them in high speed there should be some turbulence effect - for sponsor panels it should be satisfactory with the noise displacement that should be triggered one the car passes by. Maybe couple of random noise maps for different speeds.
    3. Track is rendering too late - ex Spain. When driving down the hill objects appear in front of car and it breaks driving experience.
    4. Grass is only a plane texture. Would be happy to see particle grass  closer to the track and grass planes only for those far away.
    5. Script better camera angles for replay camera so the camera would not show grass planes in detail (like mentioned in 4)
    6. Car damage looks like it is based on bending distortion. It just looks odd ex. in night stage, when i have those front additional lamps functioning but the whole mesh is bend.
    7. Track objects are repeating. It is nice to see customizable complexity of the track is working but it looks like all the track segments were modelled without variation. ex. Spain tight hairpin - I can see there a road block of two same colored cars with same amount of grass, crowd etc, and on another tight hairpin it is the same. I can anticipate a type of curve based on the model of track segment. It is missing some randomness on track segments.

  • thePainterthePainter Member New Car Smell

    I am back with more suggestions/ feedback :)

    8. Trees and other objects are not casting shadows in the night stages. No reacting to light from headlights.
    9. Make longer flying finish. Distance between finish and marshall is too short. Last night i was driving a Serpentine Gully stage in Australia. It was raining the stage was slippery. Before finish there is a part when you can drive almost full speed and then flying finish - car is passing through it almost full speed. Second later i flew through the marshall about half speed. There is not possible to slow down to stop at the marshall.
    10. Dont know how the raining effect is handeld internally in the engine, but it seems to be raining also at the marshall. 
    11. Reflective parts of clothing should be... reflective.

    Thanks for consideration.
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