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Super Special Stages

RaptorunitRaptorunit Member New Car Smell
Im sure this won't happen or even get a look in but I think it be great to add super special stages in to dirt4.
I just want to see who thinks he a good add on or who isn't keen on this suggestion.
Here is a brief write up of what Super Special Stages off Wikipedia for whom might not know or unsure.
It is common to see rallies containing a "Super Special Stage" (SSS) or "Spectator Stage." These are timed stages, like standard special stages, but are held on short purpose-built tracks, often in outdoor stadia, but occasionally in covered venues. Commonly two cars will set off at the same time and at the halfway point of the stage will swap lanes. The short distance means that the difference in times between the top runners is often negligible, and so the stage is of little relevance to the overall classification.

Super Special Stages 11 votes

I would like to see Super Special Stages in dirt4
SamRWDJulo264Ph4s3METAL666nzHaris33MouingWRCRaptorunitChewy234Antoni1985TozeriFIN 10 votes
I don't think Super Special Stages are for dirt4
versedi 1 vote
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