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Grid Racedriver Demo Derby/Races 2017 Online Gameplay Videos With Party Chat

As you may know the original Grid Racedriver can still be played online on the Xbox 360 so I have been recording the game play and party chat. . We have quite a loyal following 'most' nights (usually around 8pm onwards PST 10pm onwards BST Mon/Wed/Friday/Sat) and we would love some of the old - and new - players to come back.

Oh and please do not watch/join our games if you are easily offended as the banter is quite heavy at points ;) 

This is a link to the most recent upload but you can find the others from there:


  • HOLYxROLLERxHOLYxROLLERx Member New Car Smell
    really miss good online racing & chat. are there many still playing on the touring cars? might get hold of a xbox & get involved again if there is.
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