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Just a couple small things I feel need improving.

Long time series fan, love the game. Here's a couple things I would like to see improved.

Damage - WAY too forgiving. You can have all assists off at max difficulty and roll 4 times at 100mph and crash into a tree and only pick up cosmetic damage. I feel any kind of sudden impact at speed needs to be a potential terminal. It would be nice to have a hardcorendifficulty setting that reflects how brutal real world Rally racing can be. They can run over random stones in stage and terminal the car. 

More OSD Options - Just small things, like being able to toggle the rev counter in cockpit instead of having to use the in car instruments, being able to toggle other players, green/red sectors off the progress bar. Being able to toggle OSD off in specific disciplines only, like remove the timing screen for Rally but still have it on for RX instead of having to go into options every time etc etc

Championship rewards - Why aren't there any? If you place 2nd at every stage but the consistency lands you 1st place in the championship I feel you should get credits for that instead of just a podium screen. 

Allowing Qualifying Sessions in RX multiplayer

Just some of my input off the top of my head. In sure there's more I've forgotten about. 
Thanks for taking time to read all this and thanks for making this incredible Rally game. I've been waiting a long time for a Rally game of this caliber to be released. Thank you


  • JamesUptonJamesUpton Member Unleaded
    Also what happened to the hardcore Rally AI in Dirt Rally? 
    Max AI in dirt 4 is very easy to pull 10 seconds a stage on while Dirt Rally you had to pull your own teeth out just to get a single stage win. 
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