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Colin McRae DiRT 1 - how to fix the game if it crashes when starting a race

This one's all over the net, just making sure it's in here too! If you have a modern i7 quad core, it has 4 real cores and 4 virtual hyperthread ones. This makes DiRT 1 think there's 8 cores so it tries to use different code to make the game work, however it crashes! So you just need to set it to only use 4 cores instead, which only involves changing one number in an xml file, luckily! Do this as follows:

1. Open the folder where you installed DiRT, then open the "system" folder
2. Edit hardware_settings_restrictions.xml in Notepad
3. Search for the line containing workerMap8Core.xml and change the 8 to 4, i.e. set it to workerMap4Core.xml
4. You may not be able to save the file, if so, right-click it and turn off Read Only


  • BlackproBlackpro Member New Car Smell
    Totally worked for me thanks! 
  • FlattJernFlattJern Member New Car Smell
    Thanks a lot! Altho I have an 8 core, I had to do this. Go figure.. :) 

    A tip: 
    When you change car settings, save them before doing a Shakedown. 
    Before you race, load your save. ;)

    Cheers :smile: )

    I am Eagleizer

    Codies won`t accept my name. Go figure...

  • JohnWalterJohnWalter Member New Car Smell
    I changed the workerMap8 to workerMap4, but it didn't help.
    The game still won't start.

    I have an i7-3770.
  • OsoronOsoron Member New Car Smell
    Beim der i7 6700 k Cpu und dem z170 Mainboard von Asus kann ich im Bios die CPU Einstellung verändern und somit Hyperthreading deaktivieren.Einstellung speichern und Neustart --Schon läufts !
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