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Xcite Racing League - XBOX ONE Rallycross + Trucks Leagues

Jorc94Jorc94 Member New Car Smell
edited June 2017 in DiRT Leagues
Hi all,

Xcite Racing League is running both trucks and rallycross leagues, starting this week. Trucks will be run on Thursdays and rallycross will be run on Saturdays, both with sim handling - depending on how many drivers we have, the format may change e.g. we may include a heats system if there are plenty of signups.

Please go to https://www.xciteracingleague.com/threads/xrl-dirt-4-leagues-xbox-one.2639/ and reply to the thread in order to sign up. You can also message ThatDouble W on Xbox or contact us on Twitter (@LeagueXRL) - we're a decent bunch so if you have any questions just ask  :)

Xcite Racing League // xciteracingleague.com // twitter.com/leaguexrl
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