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F1 2017 XB1 Leagues - EUXBL/NAXBL - Join us now at ORC!

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Hello and welcome to the brand new F1 2017 XB1 Leagues.

We are a new international racing community which gives everyone interested the possibility to drive in an F1 XB1 League.

The following list shows you all F1 2017 XB1 Leagues:
  • ORC - F1 2017 EUXBL (European XB1 League)
  • ORC - F1 2017 NAXBL (North American XB1 League)
The big advantage are the time zones. Now people of (for example) the USA can easily drive in the evening without having issues about the time.
This has given us the opportunity to open separated (continental) leagues, so everyone of the world can drive in a league.

We have taken the decision to allow all assists. The think its the better solution for all.
This is our own opinion regarding the assists allowed:
Drivers who drive without assists will always be faster than drivers who drive with.

So everyone of you is welcome to join us.  ;) 

Now you will see a complete list of all the leagues with all the information needed.

ORC - F1 2017 EUXBL (European XB1 League)
ORC - F1 2017 NAXBL (North American XB1 League)

And the general league information and league rules can be found in the links of this sentence.

So for now thats everything important to know.
If you have any questions please contact us with a private message (ORCommunity) in this forum or per email at (info@onlineracingcommunity.com).

We hope to welcome you onboard very shortly at ORC and wish you all the best in the future.

best regards
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New F1 2017 PC/PS4/XB1 Leagues. Join us now from all around the world.

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