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RX Suggestions

NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut

RX in D4 is awesome! More tracks are always welcome but two simple suggestions would be A) Add more RX to at least the Daily's and/or Owner's Club.  I guess it could also play out for the weekly if you did a full event with Qualifiers and Semi's.

B: When an RX event is added do a full 6 lap Main event. I don't understand why it's always 4 laps? 4 laps just seem cheesy. Not to mention if you get tangled with the temperamental AI you have very limited time to recover.

RX Suggestions 4 votes

I'd like more RX in Community Events.
WeamDreaver 1 vote
The Community Events mix is fine the way it is.
Have 6 lap RX Main events instead of 4 laps.
SirPhilMcKrakenNarzugon 2 votes
The number of laps are fine as is.
Haris33 1 vote


  • NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut
    Have 6 lap RX Main events instead of 4 laps.
    Well I screwed that up. I should have made two polls. Sorry. At any rate, no need for a poll. Just a suggestion.
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