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The Real Problem

I know why this game so far has failed greatly. Codemasters stuffed this up from the beginning. I don't understand why the developers felt that they needed to deviate so much from their OWN source material. The real problem with the lack of content is that, clearly this is a battle-focused game trying to be like overwatch and TF2, and be popular among those kinds of gaming scenes. No one from those genres are going to be interested in this vehicular combat based gameplay, you are targeting the wrong demographic. Although there are 25 tracks, 15 of those are battle arenas, and only 10 of those can be played online, the other 5 are local multiplayer/singleplayer. I am fairly new to micromachines ( the first game i played was V4, that says everything) so I am not dictated by nostalgia and still I believe that this game deviates way too far from racing and elimination modes to try and and be a team battle style game with voiced vehicles, no unlocks, and the like. Multiplayer is dead at the moment and the only way the community will grow is with more sales, unfortunately Codies will not be seeing a lot of those sales because of refunds. I cannot begin to describe the amount of people who bought the game, knowing the brand, looking forward to fun multiplayer racing, and a short-challenging championship/career mode with plenty of vehicles and now are refunding it. Honestly if the devs just stuck to the tried and true formula of racing with and without weapons and had less emphasis on battle, or itegrated battle like in micromachines IOS/Android that would have sold trumendously more well. The only reason I haven't refunded the game yet is because  A) it is a digital copy from microsoft, and B) I know that you guys can fix this game, WITH NO ADDITIONAL PAID DLC RIGHT?. All content intended to 'fix'this game in its current state as well as the numerous bug fixes and multiplayer stability patches should be free, cause lets be honest, people will either stop buying and those who have it will most likely refund it, I seriously hope you planned ahead, and I'm not sure how you didn't intercept the obvious back lash this game would receive with its lack of content upon  release for a 2017 game? Unfortunately in your case you can not even use the argument quality over quantity because it just is'nt right now, sorry.'As an example, I just tried out Micro machines 2 which is a 25 year old game, and it has 27 tracks. That's great, if MMWS had that many RACE tracks that would be fantastic along with the 25 battle arenas. Also I'm sure V4 had like 30+ race tracks which is insane and they were long too. Please please bring the content of this game up to speed, and I swear if you charge any additional cost for more content you're probably going to have an angry mob on your doorstep it's not just me being a tight a**. Just look what happened with Star Wars battlefronts release. All the missing content was basically sold as paid DLC which splits the community, please do not take part in this dirty practice. release minor paid DLC when all base content is patched in and polished. Give old and new micromachines players something to look forward to in terms of support.  


  • kenjarakenjara Member New Car Smell
    I do agree with what you say about the online competitive side of things. Relic fell into the same trap with Dawn of War 3 by simplifying it and turning it into a MOBA style game. You can see the backlash from that just by looking at their blog and the steam forums. Unfortunately this is happening to a lot of previously successful game series.

    Too much focus on online competitive play...
  • MulletinoMulletino Member New Car Smell
    Spot on old chap, I wholeheartedly agree.
  • Goose276Goose276 Member New Car Smell
    It's actually SUPER strange that CodeMasters would choose to do this to the series which surprisingly would have required more effort (car names voices skins) instead of just creating a simple micro machines racing/ vehicular combat game. It honestly would have been better if they just ported over the mobile game with the new graphics physics and added a single player campaign and removed mobile pay walls for vehicles as it is a paid game. Very confusing as to why they chose this strange class based battle-focused gameplay instead which ultimately ruins the racing in a sense as well because of the balanced handling and speed between vehicles.
  • AJC2424AJC2424 Member New Car Smell
    I'd have happily accepted a bog standard remastering of MM, MM2, MM 96 and MM Military from the Megadrive days if I'm honest. Even V3 was good on PS1. I just felt the series, in general, went down hill after that.

    I do like World Series but I can agree that it doesn't quite do it for me too for the reasons already stated. It doesn't quite "feel" like a MM title as they've tried to make it too online focused and not enough "Micro Machines of old" focused.

    While online multiplayer is popular these days there are still loads of us out there that don't want a 100% focused online multiplayer game. I'd have loved to have seen a "Challenge" mode included. Where did Super League go (one of my favourite modes from the originals)? Where did bog standard local multiplayer go? Micro Machines promoted 8 people playing around a single console back in the Megadrive days. Now it's pretty much online or nothing.
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