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How hard can it be to simply add camera options?  Very little coding, surely.  Multiplayer I can see, may come with issues, but single/local player cannot be any problem at all.  The game suffers because of the position that vehicles end up in racing at full speed - in relation to the edge of the screen.  It's a major drawback that makes the game all about rote learning the courses and not about reactions.  How many games have zero camera options?  Seriously guys?!  C'mon...


  • caerphotocaerphoto Member Wheel Nut
    The camera view in the game is kinda the point – it's been like this since the first game in 1991.
  • DiRTKiNG808DiRTKiNG808 Member Race Steward
    I would like the Toybox Turbo camera back.
  • montagfellamontagfella Member New Car Smell

    You are 100% wrong.  The camera has NOT always been the same and NOT had the vehicles as close to the front/edge of the screen as we see here.  I owned the Amiga game - which by the way had a more top down Camera.  Micro Machines V3 also had a differing camera angle and shifting views - which this has, but the Amiga version did not.  None of the games had what I am speaking about either which is just how close the camera is zoomed in and/or how close the car at the front is perched at the very front of the screen.  The camera in this game requires absolute rote learning of the the tracks with less of a possibility of reacting to what is seen.  

    I know what i'm talking about.  I used to work in the games industry - tester, lead tester, junior designer, designer, senior designer, associate producer, producer and senior producer.  Sony, Eidos and loads of other companies.   
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