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3D printed vehicles

kenjarakenjara Member New Car Smell
Hi all,
Playing this game made me want to get out and have a look at my actual Micro Machines but they are all tucked away in the loft somewhere.
So I had the idea of trying to recreate some of the vehicles from this game to print out on my 3D printer.
The snow plough seems to be the most popular vehicle and is my favorite so I started with that. 
I am a software developer not a 3D designer so this is a nice little challenge for me and I have built this model from lots of screenshots taken on my PS4.

You can download a basic work in progress version of the plough to print here.

This is my first attempt to print it from my printer

I will update/add vehicles as I work on them. I hope to add some more details to this model before moving onto the hovercraft.



  • Firefox02Firefox02 Member New Car Smell
    that's pretty cool :_)

    I wish you the best of luck with your project
  • AntMan100673AntMan100673 Member New Car Smell
    Very cool and well worth an awesome, can't wait to see the other vehicles :-)
  • kenjarakenjara Member New Car Smell
    A little update. Going to try printing this version at the weekend!  :D

  • SimonPieManSimonPieMan Member New Car Smell
    good work! I will keep an eye on this. Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!
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