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G27 Wheel with Fanatec CSL Pedals; Unable to use the pedals

I recently purchased the Fanatec pedals. When I try to calibrate my wheel and pedals, it doesn't work on the pedals. When I go to Device management, configure device, the pedals are listed. I can go to input bindings, and click on brake, clutch, or gas and it recognizes it. On the INPUT page, where the calibration is shown, when I press the gas, it shows up as a button and not the throttle. Am I missing something? 


  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    Sounds like you are missing a Fanatec wheelbase and wheel to plug the pedals into?
  • Pakman1145Pakman1145 Member New Car Smell
    I have a G27 wheel. The software sees my pedals, but they show up as a button.
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