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  • riki55riki55 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Hi guys, I really hope to recive this beta because i am a really fan of F1 Codemasters Games since 2010 and i would take part to test new elements and give my feedback to Codemasters about this game!!
  • JamesyyEUJamesyyEU Member New Car Smell
    Hopefully I get a PS4 code would love to try this game. I'm an avid f1 2016 league racer. 
  • Reub09Reub09 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    What the heck, @jennyannem is this an error?
     #15 | PS4 | Irish | Red Bull | #blessed

  • Wusel94Wusel94 Member New Car Smell
    Hey, it´s not possible for me to see the Website because it is just a black screen. But i would like to sign in for the Beta test. How can i do this?
  • Tia9595Tia9595 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Hi, i hope to sign in the program of beta and i think that i can help you with feedback and make this F1 game great
  • IcelandTBRIcelandTBR Member Wheel Nut
    I would love a PC code if any are available. Thanks.
  • BuilderBoyyBuilderBoyy Member New Car Smell
    Dear Codemasters, 
    I would love to test F1 2017 on the Xbox One to help develop this game even more before release on 25th August. It is vital that as many people test the game and leave more feedback as soon as possible.
    Please contact me at [email protected]
    Yours sincerely,
    Builder Boyy
  • LucasNaliLucasNali Member New Car Smell
    Hi Code !
    I would like to test the beta test version !
    contact me, [email protected]
    Thank you all !
  • itsurboioisinitsurboioisin Member New Car Smell
    I would love to be involved in the pre release beta as I’ve never gotten the chance to sign up for a beta
  • Momo0801Momo0801 Member New Car Smell
    I really enjoy playing your F1 Games since 2009 and I would be honored if i would geht a slot in this Beta and try to make F1 2017 to the besteht Game ever
  • Momo0801Momo0801 Member New Car Smell
    E-Mail: [email protected] hope you'll contact me

  • cultdrivercultdriver Member New Car Smell
    Hallo codemasters,
    it would be a dream for me to test f1 2017 beta on "ps4".
    i played all codemasters racing games and i will give you a good feedback.
    name: Bernd Kowaschitz
    mail: [email protected]
    username: cult-driver
  • xxyasinxxxxyasinxx Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2017
    F1 beta was very cool
    i love f1 2017 :)))))
    Post edited by xxyasinxx on
  • CirilloitalianoCirilloitaliano Member New Car Smell
    I would like to try the beta please
    My name is Simone Cirillo
    Mail psn: [email protected]
  • BuilderBoyyBuilderBoyy Member New Car Smell
    I am a league racer with consistent results and really want to make this a great game. Please can I have an Xbox One code. Email : [email protected]
  • Reub09Reub09 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    @Hoo @jennyannem @britpoint Maybe it isn't but I'm pretty sure this is an error as the beta phase was started months ago??
     #15 | PS4 | Irish | Red Bull | #blessed

  • ANTONIOS1978ANTONIOS1978 Member New Car Smell
    hello . i m a leageu racer from 2010. i m racing only your f1 games 
    i would like to test f1 2017
    my name i fragkos antonis
    my psn : ANTONIOS1978
  • mau87mau87 Member New Car Smell
    my name maurizio palmeri
    my psn id hyuikm
    my mail m[email protected]
    I've got a g29 and f1 titles since 1999
  • tonyparker97xtonyparker97x Member New Car Smell
    Can put you more grip and flexibility of the tire on F1 2017 and a can more aerodynamic support also pleaser
  • tonyparker97xtonyparker97x Member New Car Smell
    et sur f1 2017 essayer de faire les pneu des voiture de cette année plus arrondi comme sur iRacing

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