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Drift Team Animal Style Silvia S13 - Cote d'Azure drift run

Been almost 2 months since i posted a video on this forum, i don't like to annoy people too much though.
But its my second one, and my first mod in grid which can be found in the sticky thread of this section! :blush: 

But anyways! Here's my latest drift video with the new livery mod:



  • GurrensGurrens Member New Car Smell
    Pretty sick man. Not nitpicking but can you use a cinematic view when recording on the PC Version? I'm curious. 
  • BritpointBritpoint Member, Codemasters Codemasters Employee
    That was pretty cool in general and the spin at 1:27 was great! Nice job
    Senior Game Designer at Codemasters. Opinions expressed are my own.
  • D1RGED1RGE Member New Car Smell
    is there a writeup how to get drift cars into these tracks?
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