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Kapnobatai81Kapnobatai81 Member New Car Smell
Are we going to receive any more updates? I was kind of hoping we would get a new update before new season started.

Just some things I would like to point out on future updates, apart from the obvious:

- When another player quits a race, the session ends (Mid-Race) and then all other players are sent back to menu screen.
   Quite annoying.

- Still get lag, especially when grouped. It will be fine for a quite a few races, but then starts to get progressively worse.
  This seems to be the case with some more than others. 

- Need Race Lobby to create online games. Choose weapons, tracks etc (like on Skirmish)

- Need a drop/discard weapon button

- Log race times in leader board

- Add more voice options to d-pad controls (so all four are used)

- Add a funky sounding horn for each vehicle

- ADD MORE TRACKS! (Race / Elimination)

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