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Why Only AI Opponents?

On the Xbox One version, why is there only AI opponents when playing online? Occasionally, a real player or two will show up but it's rare. I don't want to play against AI when playing online, especially in a ranked match. I'm sure this game is popular enough to fill all of the positions with real players. 
Playing against AI should be an offline mode like the original game. 


  • xxCxxUxxRxxExxxxCxxUxxRxxExx Member New Car Smell
    Yep, I love waiting 5 minutes at a time for a ranked game filled with AI. I can only assume the player base on XB1 is really small. At this rate, it's only going to get smaller which is a shame.
  • Mar14noEberMar14noEber Member New Car Smell
    The same thing happens in ps4, the matchmaking really sucks. 
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