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Manual Pitsops Problems

tslupp009tslupp009 Member New Car Smell

I am trying to enable the manual pitstop feature without success. I can't get the AI not to take control of the car when entering the pits. I thought the way to do it was to check the "Pit Assist" setting to "OFF" but its not fixing the problem. Is there another setting anywhere that relates to this?
Can anyone help with this problem please? 
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  • ForeverchampsForeverchamps Member Pit Crew
    I believe the pit assist is just for leaving the pit lane (making sure you dont cross the white line). I dont think it is possible to control the car in the pit lane unfortunately. Hopefully this will be added for 2017.
  • tslupp009tslupp009 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah, not possible. I did find out the same thing. And I'm with you on that one too for control of the pit stops too. I does give you an extra challenge for the race and adds to the event a bit more suspense and precision. Even sparks I found disappointing in the 2016 compared to the 2015 as for losing their realism. Was it they had to make room for other picture enhancing effects I wonder.
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