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Dirt4 and G29 on PC

Hello Board,
i got a big issue with my G29 on my PC at Dirt4. Logitech Gameprofiler found my G29, Windows 10 found my G29, Steam found my G29 but only Dirt4 doesnt found my G29 Steering Wheel, so i cant use it. My system is brand new, newest driver on all devices and i have no more idea what to do that i can use my Logitech G29 on Dirt4.

I hope any of you can give me a tip or help.

thanksful Jenson


  • versediversedi Member Champion
    Try reinstalling Logitech Profiler.     
  • DaJensonDaJenson Member New Car Smell
    I reinstalled, Logitech Gaming Software, Driver, Dirt4 already and tryed all USB Slots....

    Is there maybe a conflict with my Mouse or Keyboard? These are also made by Logitech. I use a Nvidia GTX 1080i, are there any issues probably?
  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    This may not be of any help to you as I'm on PS4 not PC, but on PS4 if you start the game with the controller it doesn't see the wheel you have to select the game with the controller then start the game with the wheel button. I seem to remember reading somewhere that somebody on PC  had to press the buttons on the wheel one at a time until they found the one that started the game?  It might be worth a try or it might just be useless info but you've nowt to lose?
  • DaJensonDaJenson Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for your post but it doesn't work. I tryed also to turn off the streaming option on NVIDIA experience but this won't help too. Really sad to see that new hardware will not found by dirt but windows 10 and steam found it instant after plug into USB. It doesn't matter if it is usb2.0 or 3.0, windows 10 found the g29 on all USB ports...
  • versediversedi Member Champion
    edited July 2017
    Try updating your chipset driver and update Windows if possible. 

    One more thing.

    If you start the game, go to Device Management and select second option from bottom then press arrow left or right. Is the wheel appearing there? 
  • DaJensonDaJenson Member New Car Smell
    The wheel appears nothing at dirt. 

    Chipset und Windows are up to date, the system is brandnew.
  • DaJensonDaJenson Member New Car Smell
    Now I deinstalled NVIDIA Experience, reinstalled Logitech Gaming Software, calibrated G29 again and still Dirt will not find my G29.... Don't know what else to do!
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