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Automatic DNF and some minor gripes

Sooo, was beginning to do the Weekly Event on D4 yesterday and got 1 stage done (R5 at Spain). My girlfriend comes in and plugs in the A/C unit, and the power cuts out (unknowingly overloaded the power strip). So, I get everything going again and go to start the event again and I'm automatically counted as a DNF because I LOST POWER??? I understand we can't have someone just rage quit and then come back or something, but I don't find it fair to be completely out of luck with something over a loss of power. I would've taken a time penalty or loss of credits, but to be counted completely out? Come on.

Also, based on some other things I've seen here, the minor gripes I have with this game seem to be common. RX for me on this game is a pretty big frustration. The co-driver is basically useless, he's not said anything to me while I'm racing that would help. I could turn the audio down and tune him out, but seems a little unnecessary. Also, the change in car handling between practice and race is pretty drastic in my opinion. I'll think the car handles fine in practice and then in the race, it's all I can do to try to hang on to it. I don't know if it's just me not being cautious in the race, going for the win, but I don't THINK I'm driving any differently. The car handling, in my opinion, seems a little less predictable than it did on Dirt Rally. On Dirt Rally, I knew where I'd struggle. This one is really hit or miss.


  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    The game can't possibly know whether you lose power or ragequit, so it will automatically assume the worst. Better luck next week.
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  • KingOfCoinsKingOfCoins Member Champion
    Think of it as an engine failure that caused you to retire. But in seriousness it's a form for anti cheat. Not the best but I can live with it.
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  • DefytheMachineDefytheMachine Member New Car Smell
    Weirdly a similar thing happened to me in DRally a few weeks ago. Complete power outage in our street but I was able to restart with no dnf penalty. However last week in D4 I accidentally started a weekly when meaning to start a daily, the game seems to remember which competitive event you last looked at by remaining over that option, I wrongly assumed it would start at the first daily from the left. I wasnt sure what to do as I had quickly pressed all the buttons and selected the car as well. Anyway, i then just went to manage game option on home screen and quit from there as i didnt want to do two stages. Didnt work DNFd me .... live and learn ....
  • boganibogani Member Champion
    Yeah I had a great run goin in the R5's in Spain. Around place 50 combined leaderboard, which is good for me. Sadly a fuse went at SS4, so I DNF'd. It's **** but I'm glad you can't use exploits.

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  • LudwigVonMisesLudwigVonMises Member Pit Crew
    I hope this is implemented in leagues this time around.
  • DrAbeRodDrAbeRod Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    I agree about the automatic DNFs for the weekly and monthly challenges. I usually don't want to or can't complete them in one sitting (6 stages 6-8 miles each? gimme a break, literally), and being that it is a monthly or weekly challenge, I don't see why I can't complete it over a month/week, switching between games, not having to worry about my wife turning the power strip off by accident, or a thousand other little things. I haven't bothered with the weekly/monthly challenges since I got a DNF with days left to go in the first week after release.
  • likewiselikewise Member Pit Crew
    Haha, yea I received a DNF in the first monthly event from a power outage and received another DNF in the second month for wrecking my car into a steel barrier placed conveniently behind a bush...! lol
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