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Very different spring rate values for homologated cars?

WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
I managed to get a good setup for the fiesta R5. Tried to copy it over to the i20, when I discovered quite some different values for spring rates.
Is this normal?
The very firm value for the Fiesta is 137.69.
Using the same value in the i20 sets the slider to the opposite end, to very soft. Is this realistic?
Ok, cars are no siblings, but they are homologated and I thought such values would be somewhat close.

Look at the front spring rate.
BTW, the front spring rate value for the i20 at roughly the same position as for the Fiesta is ~190.00 vs Fiesta 137.69

Here is the Fiesta setup

And here i20



  • HengistHengist Member Wheel Nut
    edited July 2017
    An interesting post mate. I'll be following this thread, in order to checkout the replies and to see if any decent explanations are given.

    I'm wondering if it''s the Dev' path of create a 'master' car first, then use that as a template for the others by adjusting individual component values, hence the discrepancies that you mention?

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  • WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
    Well, could be that the displayed number is just wrong, but the actual value in the setup behind that number is correct.

    But, setting up the i20 like the Fiesta via pure slider position does not result in the same driving behaviour. The i20 still feels more floaty and not as planted and predictable as the Fiesta.

    I will probably try setting the spring rate value to the opposite end but then with a close value to the Fiesta and see what it does to the car. Maybe the value is right, but the whole slider layout is shifted to the stiffer end by mistake.
  • Mystx24Mystx24 Member Unleaded
    edited July 2017
    Things to consider car weight, car weight distrubution. And if one car is heavier than other i would imagine different spring rates would have to apply. The lighter car doesnt need access to stiffer spring. I personally go by values not slider position
  • WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
    Car weight should be homologated at 1230 kg. I can't see how weight distribution would differ that much between both cars.

    I tried setting the value for the i20 to the same as for the Fiesta (but then the slider ends up in the opposite direction) and it really doesn't work.
  • Mystx24Mystx24 Member Unleaded
    Chassis layout? You have me wondering what is so different that warrants the difference. Have to investigate 
  • WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
    Just to show the differences between spring rate slider range for both cars:

    Hyundai i20
    front 125.86 - 195.78
    rear 98.84 - 153.75

    front 90.12 - 140.19
    rear 65.21 - 101.44

    The i20 almost beginns its softest setting where the Fiesta ends with the stiffest.
  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    FIA Technical Regulations for R5 state that
    "The main and helper spring dimensions are free (but not the type)."
    I assume that each manufacturer has different values based upon different homologations for their respective cars. 
  • Mystx24Mystx24 Member Unleaded
    Thanks for that info i looked but was having hard time finding regulations. Just noticed they all used the same brand struts
  • PaloSamoPaloSamo Member Co-Driver
    Mystx24 said:
    Thanks for that info i looked but was having hard time finding regulations. Just noticed they all used the same brand struts
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