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Question about some "sound realism"

Heya everyone,
By watching some of the footage from F1 2017 and by reading the Codemasters about their work for improving the realism of the sounds of the cars, I could clearly sense it sounded more "windy" which is actually pretty good for me. But one thing I lacked in the 2016 version was this kind of special rumbling sound coming from the car when two drivers pass each other (when you watch an onboard).
To make it clearer, you can look at this footage from when Pérez tried to pass Vettel at Baku. Of course you mostly hear the wind, but you can also hear the bottom of his car scrapping against the ground (I think, correct me if I'm wrong !) making Pérez shakes a lot in his cockpit : 

When I watch Grand Prix I love to hear this kind of sound because it makes you feel like you are really going to your limit while trying to pass other cars. Of course it doesn't and shouldn't happen in every corner, but I wonder what you, community of F1 games, think about this ?


  • KTBNLKTBNL Member New Car Smell
    To be honest. You're ideas are great. But there have been a lot of topics regarding the sounds in the F1 Games with Codies. Unfortunately the sound enige team isn't really up to level. Not sure if they will ever be.
  • haydn23haydn23 Member Race Engineer
    This was in the earlier versions of f1 2016 actually. And yes it is a titanium skid plate, that causes these spraks, which ofc creates the sparks. I'm not actly sure why they removed it later in the game. And looking at the current default setup on f1 2017 it is not looking great on the standard setup, lets just hope.
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  • mikyesposto95mikyesposto95 Member New Car Smell
    The sound is the same as f1 2016 and maybe even worse. I hope it's better in the final version
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Co-Driver
    It's the whole chassis rumbling due to vibrations that is creating that unique sound, F1 2015 tried to emulate that specific effect, F1 2016 didn't have that feature anymore, from what we have seen there are only a handful people at Codemasters working on the sound, so it will take a very long time for them to get proper "realistic" results especially as the sound design never was Codemasters strong suit anyways.....
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