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Peugeot 208 Setup.

Looking for a Peugeot 208 rallycross setup. Or any info that can help me with setup.


  • Mystx24Mystx24 Member Unleaded
    What problems do you have with car to much understeer, oversteer, are u spinning? Can help once i know what issues you are having?
  • FoxarellyFoxarelly Member New Car Smell
    Car is good and stable but i seem to just get pulled away from coming out of corners. Not sure if it's a forward bite problem or gearing issue. 
  • MalyngoMalyngo Member Wheel Nut
    What do you mean with pulled away? Do you oversteer (your back slides out) or understeer (the car doesn't seem to take the steering input and seems to go the way it was moving before) coming out of corners?
  • FoxarellyFoxarelly Member New Car Smell
    It's as if the car I'm racing against has more traction than me coming out of the corners.
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