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F1 2016 - "Ready To Download" list Xbox One

FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Team Principal

I refunded the 2016 game like a month or so after it came out. 
Recently bought a wheel and was checking though old games I had deleted but had digital license for, to maybe try 2015 and some of the Forza's I've had with the wheel . 

I see F1 2016 in the list I just wanted to know was it a free game with gold or something and maybe I took it and that's why it's showing? I know pCars was free at one point and I took the digital license even though I have the disc, just to not have to put the disc in. 

Basically, I want to make sure I won't get an account ban or something if I try and download. I did not expect to see it in list after refund, but now I see it I'd rather try wheel on that rather than 2015.


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