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Elimination Special Event

This is a poor event choice as there are no dedicated servers & it gains you nothing for reward other than the loot crate after playing the first time.

My gripe for this & the Online Ranked is as i'm going for the levelling up trophies for lvl 40 & Prestige is how crippled the XP gain is for levelling.

You hardly get any XP & I win alot of races & it still takes an hour+ to level up once....?

Double XP or Time Trials for Loot Crates would be much more fun & certainly rewarding imo.


  • AJC2424AJC2424 Member New Car Smell
    I personally enjoyed this special event more than the others so far - it harks back to the original games "Head To Head" mode(s) in that it's you against a handful of opponents. No items. No weapons. Pure track memorization and skill. May the best driver win.

    That's just me, though :smile:
  • BunglesFingerBunglesFinger Member New Car Smell
    Oh agree the no weapons is ideal. The hammer is so overpowered its more annoying than anything & opponents get it just at the right time. Its the time it takes to level thats my issue.

    Its should be upped I think as bonus XP as its a Special Event & only lasts the weekend.
  • AJC2424AJC2424 Member New Car Smell
    Agree with the levelling up strategy implemented in this game, though. It does take ages once you get into the high levels. And there's really no reward for it other than a loot box - which usually contain 3 items that you already own once you are high up in XP anyway. Coins aren't exactly plentiful either despite some skins costing 2000 of them to buy.

    Other than bragging rights - the XP and levelling up situation is not exactly worth the effort.

    I'm enjoying trying to get as high in the rankings as possible, though. It has been fun to try and gain points to move up the table. I'm never going to get into 1st (even the Top 10 is out of reach unless you play 24/7 judging by the points obtained by those players) but I'm still finding it enjoyable.
  • AntMan100673AntMan100673 Member New Car Smell
    I think this weekends special event is good, it's what a lot of players have been asking for. The only problem is once you've won a race and got the loot box there's not much incentive to keep playing it. Double XP would be a good incentive or add extra loot boxes for 3, 5 & 10 wins. I don't think I'll ever make the top 10 in the elite division however I am currently in the top 100 so I'm trying to keep my ranking points ticking over so I'm still in the top 100 when the season ends for the title. Next season I wont be so bothered about that so if there's a special event I enjoy I'll just play that and not ranking games. In general I don't have a problem with the speed of levelling up, the games only been out a couple of weeks and I'm up to level 33. The experience needed to level up seems to have stopped at 12k per level which is about 11 races. The reason it's taking longer to level is due to it sometimes taking up to 5 minutes to get into a game. Unlocking items seems like it'll take too long though. I've got 161 out of 393 however I've got hardly any of the skins and as they're all 500 to 2000 and when I get items I've already got it gives me 10 or 20 coins. I don't think I'll ever unlock everything at this rate. The seasons are too long as well, somewhere between 2 weeks and a month would be about right imo. Overall I'm enjoying the game and haven't suffered too badly with the lag that sometimes causes you to lose and getting kicked out of races, though losing those 80 ranking points is VERY annoying when it does happen.
  • Strider1979Strider1979 Member New Car Smell
    Agree with everything mentioned here. Special events need more than just a loot box as an incentive as no-one will play it. I played a couple of matches and it was all AI no humans at all! You rank up too slow. They need to up the xp for for coming top 3 at least! We need more technical tracks as well. Only like 2 are that difficult which is the saw level and probably the ice lake level. The others are just too easy.  We need a challenge!
    I love the game and am currently 24th in leaderboards so I've experienced it all. Has the potential to be a really solid game but they nees to get a move on doing this stuff and adding content or ppl will move on to other games.
  • AJC2424AJC2424 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    We need more technical tracks as well. Only like 2 are that difficult which is the saw level and probably the ice lake level. The others are just too easy.  We need a challenge!
    I can agree with you on that. The tracks that are there are very well designed, they look great and graphically all the tracks have a wonderful charm which really captures the essence of Micro Machines, in my view. However there just isn't enough content. There are only 10 tracks and only 9 of them are available online (since Learner Loop is never used). There definitely needs to be an expansion on this in the near future.

    Maybe when the current ranking season comes to an end? Would be a good time to say "now lads, you've had your fun on what we gave you - here's more to play with before any more seasons go ahead".

    PS - I remember your username from a few races I've had too - always enjoy a good battle with people like yourself! I'm up to around 37th in the leaderboards now myself.
  • BunglesFingerBunglesFinger Member New Car Smell
    Some good points here guys, agree with them too.

    I played the event again & had 3-4 games with AI only & won them but just got bored so I gave up. Went back to Online Ranked matches & just went for levelling up as best albeit as slow as possible. 

    I know I keep going on about the XP, its just it seems a massive slog to get there. Im @ 36 now & to think there are 15 more ranks to go.....
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