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No new tiles ... no handling tweaking ... i´m sad.
I bought a day one edition and almost had to point a gun to five friends to buy the game too ... no one´s playing anymore.
The lack of content/update makes people leave the game, such potential being wasted.
Just sad.


  • HengistHengist Member Wheel Nut
    It's still too early for me to worry about updates as I haven't completed every event in the game. I'm more than happy with the car physic changes in D4, when compared to DR. My only gripe is that some of the track stage corners aren't as extreme and are relatively 'tame' when compared to its predecessor. I'd like to see a tweak for that, but realistically, I don't expect it to happen.

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  • KingOfCoinsKingOfCoins Member Champion
    There is this thing called summer vacation going on right now. I would guess that is why things are going slowly
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  • RallyDrivenRallyDriven Member Champion
    Plus it's been just over a month. If stuff was already coming out like dlc then people would probably complain that it should have been in the base game. Give it a chance, and we know that there are new features coming soon like clubs (leagues from dirt rally)
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