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Race starts practice

learning all assists off. With TC off, I find it difficult to have an optimal race start, as low in revs causes you to be overtaken while high in revs results in wheel spin. Practicing race starts might be good addition to F1 2017.


  • AraqielAraqiel Member Unleaded
    Agreed, race starts would be a nice addition to the practice programs. Not sure how it'd work at tracks where they do them on the grid though, might be a lot of extra work for a small thing to get the AI taking part in that at the end of a session and you can't very well do it during.
  • ForeverchampsForeverchamps Member Pit Crew
    edited July 2017

    More important than practising the start would be making the starts more equal between TC on and off, and not giving the AI such good starts compared to TC off. This could simply be achieved by making the starts bog down a little with TC on, as TC could kick in a little too much, keeping the revs a little too low, meaning they dont wheelspin, but their acceleration is decreased from the grid.

    I agree though, would be a great addition. Also, would be great if as @araqiel said, doing it after the session would be great for tracks like Austria and Silverstone.

  • roberto28roberto28 Member Race Steward
    Traction control off goes quitte well after only 2 days. Throttle linearity 30, brake linearity 20. Maybe little slow race start, as a result of running low in revs. 
  • auroborosauroboros Member Wheel Nut
    edited July 2017
    Practice program race practice starts, i love that idea. End of pitlane and after session on checquered flag for tracks that have no pitlane room like real life protocol. Would be awesome.
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