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Motion Blur

TheRealPhilTheRealPhil Member New Car Smell
You might have noticed it already, but Dirt 4 always looks a bit choppy even at 60fps. After repeatedly playing both DR and D4, both at the highest settings capped  at 60fps (on an oc'ed gtx1060) i noticed that DR looks way smoother and the sense of speed seems more realistic. Comparing footage, i now know why: D4 uses a different style or at least a lower intensity motion blur. 

What do you think, should Codies:
1. Make the motion blur similar to Dirt Rally
2. Leave it as it is
3. make that change optional

I know some people hate motion blur, but for me it was a good thing as it improved the feeling of going fast

Motion Blur 2 votes

Make the motion blur similar to Dirt Rally
Leave it as it is
make that change optional
Phlaurampmatheusracer 2 votes
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