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PS4 Pro Enhancements

ToKo313ToKo313 Member New Car Smell
Would you rather prefer Codemasters to implement a 1440p Checkerboard mode with HDR support or further enhanced graphical effects (shadows, reflections, texture detail, lighting) that bring the experience for PS4 Pro owners closer to the visuals of the PC version?

PS4 Pro Enhancements 4 votes

1440p CP with HDR support
ToKo313Maluraq 2 votes
enhanced effects
TheRealPhil 1 vote
option to switch between both
matheusracer 1 vote


  • MaluraqMaluraq Member New Car Smell
    1440p CP with HDR support
    Honestly I'd prefer they add full 3D rendering without VR in 1080p with hdr 
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