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European Racing League | Season 3 F1 2017™ | PS4 | Join Now !

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Hello and Welcome to European Racing League!

A PlayStation 4 F1 2017™ League that aims for clean and competitive racing over it's 3 Divisions - F1 , F2 & F3  .

The top tier, Formula 1, runs on Saturdays at 5PM and it includes the fastest, cleanest and most committed drivers in ERL.

Formula 2 runs earlier on Saturdays at 2:30PM and it includes talented dedicated young drivers who aim to  earn a spot in the top tier. 

Formula 3 runs at the same time as F2 and it currently has 20 Full Drivers but 3 reserve spots still available.

All info on our website!!!

So if you are interested to join this F1 2017™ League make sure you drop your PSN down below or message michaelangelo53 on PlayStation. 
Also if any of you have a commentating experience and want to commentate over the Formula 1 races please message me. Would appreciate it a lot. 
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