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Crashes after businesswoman's message.


I bought F1 2016 for PC and the game crashes all the time after I hear the businesswoman's message in career mode. I can not take it anymore! I took a photo where the game crashes.

My DXDiag 

Please fix this Codemasters! Will there be another Patch for F1 2016 released? Thanks.


  • wvrmasterwvrmaster Member New Car Smell
    No help? It's serious? Thank you Codemasters.
  • KopparaKoppara Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    Verify the game caches? This helps sometimes
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  • wvrmasterwvrmaster Member New Car Smell
    The game crashes constantly on the same screen..  :(
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    They don't support the game beyond January, sorry.

    Good luck getting help with your issue (hint, the help will come from the community not codemasters)
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