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Hi has anyone had upload failed issues with dirt 4 ?

game won't upload race results no matter which event so no progress can be made ?? 


  • knightrider1972knightrider1972 Member New Car Smell
    yes i do on ps4 also community events wont load
  • Stevo3737Stevo3737 Member New Car Smell
    I've had the same issue on PS4 for the last 24 hours
  • SoBoogSoBoog Member New Car Smell
    I am having the same issue on PC since about 5 am

  • WittyMass27316WittyMass27316 Member New Car Smell
    Cant upload any times or collect my community event rewards on Xbox One too. Hopefully Codemasters will fix this soon coz i dont really want to play if my times arent getting recorded.
  • Crazy8247Crazy8247 Member New Car Smell
    Just bought Dirt 4 on PS4 today and can't upload any times to racenet for career mode.
    Is this widespread? how long has it been happening for?
  • fstrfstr Member New Car Smell
    Same here all day today  (Sat). Sad not to be able to save record times.
  • SingjaySingjay Member New Car Smell
    Same issue for me with Dirt 4 (PC, Steam)
  • COOKIES16vCOOKIES16v Member New Car Smell
    Yeh I'm having the same issue won't upload and can't get on to community events 
  • LatvallaLatvalla Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    PC : Same trouble here for 24 hours now !
    The dirt4game.com site is down with an Error 500 (Internal Server Error).
    Looks like a big problem or nobody cares about on a july week-end...

  • dankitydankdankitydank Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Servers all gone down noone in office more info on Racenet discussion.
  • ChreosChreos Member New Car Smell
    I'm not using Racenet, but since yesterday my results are not being saved. The only option is to quit the game and loose all results, Also not able to go back to the event after restart. 
  • breyzippbreyzipp Member New Car Smell
    Was the same on XBox One the entire weekend it but seems fixed now.

    IMO they should patch the game client in case Racenet is down that you don't have to wait for this annoying message after every race.
  • YaKata931YaKata931 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2018
    PC : 1 week. i still can't connect to racenet. i dont know the problem come from my side or what. 
    somehow i still can join Jam Session.. but can't connect to racenet. :(
  • Johnlund53Johnlund53 Member New Car Smell
    Precisely my issue.. All of a sudden I'm being told I can't join the jam session because my connection has failed.. The one time I find a game that I really like playing online against other racers on dirt 4 and I can't do it now! Please help!!! 
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