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Official telemetry app for F1 2017

VackVack Member New Car Smell
I like to have an official telemetry app from codemasters for f1 2017.  To analyze our lap datas.
Do you agree with that?

Official telemetry app for F1 2017 14 votes

Yes - need telemetry app
dwin20FRACTUREDKAYMP4bastek2504philapplerailyMarkSantinipe7rolh3adpath1337duxywuxyLordVoldemort99 10 votes
No - not required
steviejay69baxDanM3D 3 votes
Um - What is telemetry?
Liverpoolrule19 1 vote


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Wheel Nut
    No - not required

    People's requirements will differ depending on the platform they play on and kit they use, both the controller and the telemetry device(s).

    This has traditionally been handled by third party developers. This keeps it platform agnostic.

    Most other racing games also work on this basis. The choice of device and app is also based on the number of different games it supports.

    All CM can do is liaise with developers on the output specification and the market takes care of the rest.

    I agree that an export of the race director for laptimes would be a good start and if this can be done then fine, but I don't see that the telemetry is necessary to be recorded in game either because the information output can be recorded within the telemetry apps that exist on the given basis above.

  • dwin20dwin20 Member Unleaded
    Yes - need telemetry app
    This needs to be an integrated part of the game. No F1 team would operate without telemetry and no F1 driver would operate with (or succeed with) the lack of telemetry that exists in this game. This was in older F1 games (GP4 and EA F1 Challenge '99-'02 as examples).
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Wheel Nut
    No - not required
    Think these votes are 'want' rather than 'need' telemetry. It is already there though and the telemetry solutions do support more than one game.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Team Principal
    Yes - need telemetry app
    I would like in game telemetry feeds like an engineer would show the drivers to compare with team mates. Gran Turismo had it years ago, I could tune a car and then see all the little differences that was having to myriad different pressures, outputs, g's pulled etc.

    Its an F1 game with no in game telemetry in an era of telemetry and big data.
  • dwin20dwin20 Member Unleaded
    Yes - need telemetry app
    @FRACTURED - agree with your last point. For example, I would like to be able to see when I am breaking and at what speed - where my turn-in is, how close to the apex did I come (late/on mark/early?) and what my exit speed is - as while as time for the specific corner - and see them in contrast with a variety of setups - just as a start. These existed in F1 games that are now almost 2 decades old.
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