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.BNK file unpacker/repacker


I guess it's out of the question to consider there is a program to unpack repack the .bnk files in these sims is it? Although there is not a real need to look into them seeing they're done well enough to suit everyone's standard, I'm sure (the mechanics in the pits sound great especially), how about different languages for mechanics there's a clue. Some things you might like to fix in them or add even for effects, like a dog barking perhaps then the sound of a trickle.

I know there's one for Test Drive Unlimited but it doesn't work for this sim. I did a search but couldn't find any others I thought was odd, unless there is and I missed it. 


  • versediversedi Member Champion
    There is. What's your purpose?                                
  • tslupp009tslupp009 Member New Car Smell
    An editor for the sound files of this sim is what I'm looking for. What is it?
  • tslupp009tslupp009 Member New Car Smell
    Sorry, not much but to repack the files with some extras one might do when used to customizing sims. Not a problem if you can't get a program to do it you can't do it. Just for the time wasting or a break from the racing one would make the most use of customizing the sims nothing else..
  • versediversedi Member Champion
    edited July 2017
    1st result from Google Search, it wasn't that hard to find ;) 

  • tslupp009tslupp009 Member New Car Smell
    Not that easy to pick out but it's there I'm sure the package is there. Muchous gratious.

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