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F1 2017 PS4 Dynamic Racing League

myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
Sign up is now open for our F1 2017 league. We are always welcoming new drivers what ever their ability as long as they race clean. We race on Sunday nights according to our race calendar, which can be viewed on our website. This is our tenth season as a league with great history so we hope that you can be part of it soon. Like our Facebook page to keep updated with all the latest news! Enjoy our trailer (all game play is actual league footage)

Trailer: https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mi4wB6SAf8
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dynamicracingleague/
Website: http://dynamicracingl.wixsite.com/dynamicracing


  • ImpactinsecImpactinsec Member New Car Smell
    I'm down, PSN is impact_insec. The rules and everything on the website?
  • myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
    Yeah the rules are on the website. Like our Facebook page for updates :) 
  • JamezZKillerJamezZKiller Member New Car Smell
    I'll race my psn is JamezZKiller and it will be big step for me and are we allowed assists

  • myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
    edited July 29
    Sorry I'm terrible for checking this back! Send me a friend request, myatesftw and then I will message you. It's best if you like our Facebook page as that's where we communicate too and also show the standings. 
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  • crazedgamer918crazedgamer918 Member New Car Smell
    What day and country do you guys run....
  • myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
    Again! I'm terrible at checking this. We race on Sundays and we are a world wide league
  • ForemostForemost Member New Car Smell
    Hello, I am interested in racing with your league.  I have 3 years league racing experience.  PSN - Bemoore

  • MDongoMDongo Member New Car Smell
    Hi, im interested in joining your league.
    I'm not the best racer but at least I know how to race cleanly.

    My PSN: GGoooFy
  • PabiniyoPabiniyo Member New Car Smell
    Hi, i am interested in racing in your league. I may not be very skilled driver but i love to race fair and clean. 
    PSN ID: Pabiniyo
  • myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
    Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. As you can probably tell I rarely check this page. Make sure you like our Facebook page for updates. 
  • myatesftwmyatesftw Member New Car Smell
    edited August 22
    Make sure you are quick! We only have three spaces left. Make sure you like our page on Facebook,  and comment on our latest post ranking Ferrari, Haas and McLaren in order of preference. Also leave your PSN so we can add you on PlayStation :) 
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