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DiRT V1.06 [PC only] - found a bug? Post it here!



  • TasteeSnaxTasteeSnax Member New Car Smell
    Bugs found so far in my first 10 minutes of play time:
    1. Inputting Driver Nationality. Menu scrolls upwards at an uncontrollable rate.
    2. After reloading the tutorial stage, the load screen won't go away, but the stage is still live, the co-driver is upset that I'm not going anywhere, and I can hear my engine rev with throttle input.
  • TasteeSnaxTasteeSnax Member New Car Smell
    3RD BUG FOUND 12 minutes in
    Scroll bug also exists at the steering input select menu.
    Work-Around: let it scroll on its own and hit A when I think it's on the right controller. Good thing I have impecable timing or this would be absolutely unplayable.
  • TasteeSnaxTasteeSnax Member New Car Smell
    Bug 4:
    Game will not start in Fullscreen no matter what settings I choose.
  • TasteeSnaxTasteeSnax Member New Car Smell
    Using a Steel Series Stratus XL

    Scroll bug (Constantly scrolls up, absent of input....) is present in 
    -controller menus
    -any and all leaderboards and event standings
    - menus for custom stages
    -facilities menu

    crash big in custom game. Let my kid play a stage and the garage menu wouldn’t respond to input from the controller.
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