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[DiRT4] Tone down the scratches

PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
The cars become extremely scratched up, even when one has done a nice and clean run. I wanted to record a 037 career stage last night but the car looked so banged up that I didn't even bother - and I hit nothing on that stage. It was flawless, which is why I wanted to record it, but alas...

I wonder what's even causing it? Even when not hitting those tiny arrow signs (which gives HUGE marks on the bodywork), the car just... looks destroyed. It's silly and I hate it. Therefore everybody else needs to, as well. ;)

[DiRT4] Tone down the scratches 9 votes

Yes, please tone down/remove excessive scratching.
Ho3n3rgtmissionSuperd00psPorkhammerFedemaisonnavegaston54caerphoto 7 votes
No, I like it just the way it is.
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  • caerphotocaerphoto Member Wheel Nut
    edited August 2017
    Yes, please tone down/remove excessive scratching.
    Tone down the scratching, yes, but also tone "up" the scratches after repairing bodywork. It seems a bit unbelievable that my engineers can make a car look brand new in 30 minutes after I've completely smashed it up during the stage. The way it looks after a Quick Fix is how it should look for a full fix, and a quick fix should look even more banged up.
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