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RaceNet Segment/Event History on Profile!!!

RiznickRiznick Member New Car Smell
Sorry if this has been posted before, but I can't stand trying to wade through the myriad permutations (route, segment, group, conditions) on my profile's Race Time section to see how I stack up against the competition.
What if there was a section that showed your last 10, 20 or all previous segments raced?
Clicking on one of the segments you've ran could automatically bring up that data in the Race Time section.

RaceNet Segment/Event History on Profile!!! 1 vote

Great idea! This would make finding relevant data on runs so much easier.
Riznick 1 vote
Meh... I like it as is.
SMH... I can't believe someone brought this up again. Search the forums a little better next time!
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