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DIRT 4 - Saving progress issue.

I installed DIRT 4 for the first time using the original DVDs three weeks ago. The installation was successful and I could run the game and start playing. After a couple of days the game started to freeze may PC at launching. It sometimes launched without any issue but a lot of times I had to force a reset when the game caused a black screen and a freezing machine. I had to force a PC restart three times. After this if the game started normally, a message box appeared: 'DAMAGED FILE: 6522DF69 - 6522DF69 - 2144DF1C The file is damaged'.
The problem with this file is I cannnot save my progress in the game. I tried 'Try recovery' 'Restore a backup file' and 'Create a new game'.  I also tried Create a New Profile with a fresh start but the problem presists.
I unistalled the game and reinstalled it from Steam but the same message appears and I cannot record my progress in the game.
Can you help me to fix the problem with this file?    


  • manuelflrmanuelflr Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
     I have just fixed the issue following the instructions provided in the DIRT 4 Discussion Forum at Steam by Eagleizer:

     - Close Steam and go here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\3142766\421020 

    - in any case look for 421020 folder

    - Rename that folder to "421020 - BKP". 

    - Restart Steam, and it should recreate that folder. 

    -V erify game files.

    - Launch the game and it should work fine.

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