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F1 2016 - AI inconsistent and car behaviour inconsistent between modes

So I bloody love racing games and this is my favourite but recently these issues have been spoiling my fun so much I might never want to play it again. 

So I've been moving up the AI difficultly with he same driving settings and I'm at ultimate ai, and have found some inconsistencies in their behaviour. For example in Russia I'm very competitive in a haas, yet in Spain I'm dead last and can do a 1:22:8 at a push and that's 1 second or so down on everyone else.

Also when I got to Monaco I put on my Monaco set up which has worked perfectly round the dry track every other time I've been there but this time I suffered understeer like crazy. So I switched to quick race with the same conditions, car, track. Set up, AI difficult and my set up worked a dream. How can the same set up work perfectly in quick race but act appallingly in career mode? 

I don't understand why these things happen and it's really frustrating me to the point where I'm the king of selling my favourite game. Any input is appreciated, especially if you've suffered these problems and fixed them too.


  • baconbrawlerbaconbrawler Member Unleaded
    The upgrades you apply in career mode change how a setup can work on a car. On the Spain problem, Spain is notorious for 2 things, being a chassis track (and you're in a haas), and also being op for the ai. At Sochi the ai suck.
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