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F1 2016 migrating host after xbox update

we are playing a league with ~16 racers. After last week's xbox update (~25th July), every time we play, we have a problem with connection - it lags a lot, connection drops some players and they are not able to get back to the race, we are unable to finish race with all players. On Sunday 30th July we were trying to create a session in game for two hours and we were unable to join the session with all players, so we raced without two.
Anybody has those problems too? Any possibilities what we can do on our side?

I hope you will release a fix for this even if you droped support for the game yet, but the game is too expensive to be without any kind of support. This is the only game which has that problems - Forza, Project Cars still works good. Maybe you are preparing for 2017, but right now we still need servers for 2016 to work ...
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