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Dirt 4 Upgrade parts

rafaA07rafaA07 Member New Car Smell
hello, what is the Benefit for upgrading the parts of the cars in dirt 4?

Thank you   


  • PorkhammerPorkhammer Member Champion
    The parts won't break as easily, making the car more reliable.
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  • caerphotocaerphoto Member Wheel Nut
    It's not much of an issue on the shorter events, but once you get to doing 5mi/8.5km or more per stage it starts to become increasingly important – stuff will start to wear out, no matter how carefully you drive.
  • rafaA07rafaA07 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah I just realized that playing the weekly event in Tarragona, 6 stages of 10 km at least each and only 2 services areas :)

    Thank you 
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