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Thrustmaster tx switching off (dirt4/xbox one)

As the thread title states, my wheel keeps shutting itself down when playing dirt 4. There are no lights on the wheel and I get an on screen message stating no controller connected. Slightly concerned as I only purchased this wheel last week after my last one died whilst playing dirt 4 and experiencing the same issues.I presume this an inbuilt mechanism in the wheel to protect it from over heating? Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.


  • NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut

    If you just purchased it last week I would contact the retailer or TM support.

    Hard to say based on little info. But if the base feels hot then it could be over heating and shutting down. If you have strong FFB settings, try turning them down so you're not straining the unit as much?

    I'd also check the USB connection. I've seen a lot of posts on the internet talking about replacing the USB break away end. If you still have your old wheel, try the cable from that one (unless it had the same problem).

    If the cable is good try a firmware update.

  • Tonydoc10Tonydoc10 Member New Car Smell
    Cheers for taking the time to reply narzugon. I've knocked down the ffb settings and wheel seems ok so far. Was just concerned as last wheel died playing this game. Appreciate if anyone can share or point me in the direction of some good wheel settings for dirt 4 as only seem to be able to find settings for dirt rally.
  • NarzugonNarzugon Member Wheel Nut

    Np prob. Check this thread out for some suggestion on settings.


  • JaynerdJaynerd Member New Car Smell
    Maybe not at all related, but my Thrustmaster TS300RS kept shutting down/disconnecting from my PS4 when I used a (cheap) USB extension cable. Moved my rig around a bit so I didn't need an extension cable and it has worked perfectly since then (about a year). 
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