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I just bought the DIRT 4 from STEAM, but it seems something is not right:
1. I can not play in Full screen
2. I can not change between manual and automatic gearbox.
3. After the first run in fitslroy, The track you start at. When you apply for another handling after the trial run,  a big colored rectangel  is blocking the view to you car. With other words I can not continue.
I have a LOGITECH 920 steering wheel + the gearshifter. SO I should be able to drive with a stick.


  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Race Steward
    1: Can you send you dxdiag to dirtgame@codemasters.com please?
    2: Are you selecting Apply Settings after pressing right when changing the setting?
    3: Thanks for reporting this, I am now looking into that.  If you choose to not repeat the welcome event it Fitzroy this will not happen.
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