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Maintain the TV view of each of the viewing angles as in the WRC2001 game on PS2 an view helicopter

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Already Bravo for the view Helicopter that remains throughout our race and thank you.
I come to make a return on Dirt4 regarding the replay of our races, especially on the Helicopter view.
To improve the helicopter view:
- it would be necessary to have the possibility of zooming on the car using the analog joystick to have a precise zoom or if possible, do automatic zooms.
- it would be necessary that from time to time the helicopter could go to the side of the road to take side view of the car and not always last the car. (Looks like a parasail attached to the car right now)
- the helicopter sight should also be able to take the car more horizontal to have a more distant landscape. In the game currently it does it slightly when the car gets up, but not enough.
- it would also be necessary to have two helicopters to have different angles of view that would be good.

As I said before, take the example of the game WRC 2001 on PS2, this game has everything needed for replay except of course the playability and graphics of dirt 4, as I repeat in this one, This one has the possibility even for the plans tv camera to keep the view, as for example to keep the sight of the central cockpit or the view of the wheel during the replay.
You should give the players the possibility to keep the view of any view of the game, even that of the tv camera, because for the player it is frustrating not to choose his sight to see his race in the game, Angle that one wants.
In the game WRC2001 on PS2, there is the button that maintains the view and the button that allows to release the view and I can tell you that it is very appreciable.
In the game Dirt4, the slows of the TV view are predefined, the change of camera corresponding to each plot of the course. One can not choose on this part of the course the view TV that one wants in WRC2001 on PS2 one can.

Jaquette of the game WRC2001 on PS2:


There is also in the game WRC2001 on PS2 a tracking view that follows the car where the camera is the route of the road following the car from 3 to 6 meters behind without sticking the car and not the game camera that sticks car. This view should be added.

Watch video by the minute 3:51 (chase)
Can you please add these improvements that are for me and for others very important?
Inspire yourself from WRC 2001 on PS2
Waiting for programmer return...

thank you.

Maintain the TV view of each of the viewing angles as in the WRC2001 game on PS2 an view helicopter 1 vote

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