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Have Codies abandoned SLI?

MarcusarilliuSMarcusarilliuS Member New Car Smell
Bought DIRT 4 at release and still can't play it due to no SLI support. Dirt 3 had it, Dirt rally had it. If Codies had planned specifically not to implement it this time it should have been stated in the games release notes.
 I should have known I guess after the same thing happened with f1 2015 & 2016, which I still haven't been able to play due to no SLI support.

There are many threads going on this at the moment, but no official response form Codies, which is frankly a bit insulting.
One guy spent ages dealing with nvidia support, only to be told that due to issues with the game engine that it was up to Codies to get this issues sorted, and their(nvidias') hands are tied.

Can  someone from Codies please respond and let us know if you plan on fixing SLI support in Dirt 4, or are your game engines no longer Multi-GPU compatible?
This is vital information for a fair few folks out there with SLI rigs.
 People with older hardware, or people wanting to play 4k @ 60fps+ require a working Multi-GPU solution.




  • MarcusarilliuSMarcusarilliuS Member New Car Smell
    Can someone from Codies please let me know if you plan to fix the lack of SLI. Still can't play the game I bought at release due to this problem. Currently uninstalled on my HDD as I await a fix.
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