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Xbox F1 Rivals is going into it's third season on the Xbox One and season 3 promises to be the biggest yet, we are about to move to our new site for season 3 and we have some great features on offer.

For season 3 we are looking to expand from one league to two. We are aiming to recruit around 10-15 Drivers to join our current active roster of 20. We would need to hit this target within between now and the launch of the new game.

There will be three main events that make up season 3 of XFR. The main focus will of course be the traditional 20 race league championship, where we follow the traditional F1 calendar from Australia through to Abu Dhabi. Each race is over a 50% distance and includes short qualifying and practice. The scoring system will mimic the current real life F1 season and each race will be supported with previews as well as features like Time Trial comparison videos leading up to the races. Races take place every Friday at 10pm.

Secondly running alongside the championship will be our new F1 Rivals Cup, This is a 1vs1 best of 3 sprint tournament in the FA Cup type mold where after every round there is a random drawing to determine the next set of fixtures. However there is a slight difference, as everyone starts off in the main bracket once you get knocked out at any point you move down to the losers bracket and can continue to work your way through that bracket. This will culminate in a Grand Final with the champion of the winners bracket taking on the losers bracket champion. With the races being 1vs1 we will have many opportunities to stream the action for the rest of the community.

Finally we have the XFR Predictor game which will require you each week to select 5 drivers that you think will fill that weeks nominated positions come the end of the race on Friday. You will acquire points for every correct driver you predict that finishes in those positions as well as bonus points if you can also predict that drivers exact finishing position. There will be a leaderboard and prizes will be awarded for the person with the highest number of points at the end of the season. 

On top of these three main events we have Driver Profiles and Team Resources. These are something we can now integrate with a forum available, each XFR driver will have their own profile tracking their every race all the way back from when they first debuted. Each profile will be a place to look back on drivers results and achievements and also a tool for new members to see how the opposition stacks up. 
Team resources will be available when the teams are picked for the forthcoming season. Each driver will have exclusive access to their teams page containing team tags and avatars to use across the site. The team will also have access to its own space on the forum to discuss strategies and anything else if they wish. 

Some examples of the resources include Xbox avatars in the colours of your team with your name and number, as well as team tags and forum pictures to display on the site

As I mentioned earlier there will be some prizes for the cup and predictor competitions but we're excited to announce a huge prize awarded to one lucky member at the end of the season. 
We will be giving away an official Xbox controller in your teams F1 Colours (if you'd like) along with your name and number engraved on the controller. We were debating whether to award this to the outright Championship winner but having thought about it we will be giving every member a chance on this great prize. 


A draw made after the season has concluded through www.randompicker.com. XFR members can acquire 'credits' during the season through their performances each weekend. For example finishing in 8th place one weekend might earn you 4 credits, complete a race without penalties and you will receive 1 credit, bring your car home to complete the race and you will earn an additional 3 credits. The full scoring system will be found on our site but I hope you guys grasp the idea from those examples.
At the end of the season every members credit tally will be displayed on a leaderboard and then entered into the final draw. Of course the better you perform the greater chance you stand of winning but there is still an opportunity for everyone to win.


If you are interested in signing up to our new season please add myself ZyG0N SK or my fellow admin member Binary ix on Xbox Live and we can further explain the format and details, any other questions please post below.


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