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Stage that race!

So, with the release of F1 2017 weeks away, I thought now would be a good time to just sit back and relax with a little game I have created. The rules are simple.  Basically, we create a race! What I mean by this is we are sort of the commentators and we create a race between all of us! For example, lets say I start with: "It's lights out and it's away we go!", and then the enxt person could say "Amazing start for ...", and then so on and so forth. Of course it would need some restrictions, it being you can only give one sentence in each post. Also, you cannot be rude and you must wait until 3 other people have posted until you can make your next comment.

I'll start:

"It's lights out, and it's away we go!"


  • Dboyking1Dboyking1 Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    edited August 2017

    Oh no... as usual the Mclarens seem to have an engine failure but it's not the first time honda they have failed to make a working car.

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  • peyt0n89peyt0n89 Member Pit Crew
    Kvyat done torpedo'd again and both Ferraris are out because of him.
    I smell like a new car.
  • JamesGJamesG Member Pit Crew
    Palmer spins out on his own and crashes into the tecpro barrier. 
  • DavexHazeDavexHaze Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    With only 14 cars left, we head into the 3th corner * Safety Car*
  • Miki3320Miki3320 Member New Car Smell
    The safety car enters the pits on the 6th lap with Hamilton leading...wait...team radio for Lewis: OH NO NOOOOOO!!!! His race is over since his engine is on fire and he's forced to park the rest of his car on the grass.
  • TrueRacerMicTrueRacerMic Member Pit Crew
    Vettel takes the lead but thete is smoke coming out of his car too! 
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  • auroborosauroboros Member Wheel Nut
    Alonso spotted at a nearby tennis court.
  • RhymeRhyme Member New Car Smell
    Kimi asks the team to be let past Seb, but is said to hold station 
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    edited August 2017
    Kimi's car has now caught fire too, but it seems like he doesn't care. After Vettel was forced to drive his car into the Marina, Kimi's just gone purple with flames licking over the rear diffuser.

    *camera cuts to Charlie shouting down a phone line*

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  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    So Verstappen leads from Bottas, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Perez, Massa, Sainz, Ocon, Ericsson and Grosjean completes the top 10, with Magnussen 11th and Wehrlein 12th.
  • cornerslicercornerslicer Member Unleaded
    The safety car is out of course and both have been disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    edited August 2017
    Safety car comes in and Ricciardo pulls off an amazing move on Bottas on the restart to claim 2nd place, whilst sipping champagne from his race boot, he puts his boot back on and is is fast approaching his teammate - It's surely only a few laps until he attempts an overtake...
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  • DavexHazeDavexHaze Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    This must be the most interesting race in years, people retiring and rejoining the race. I've never seen this. Seems like this race is never ending.
    Both ferrari's knocked out of the race because of kvyat, but Vettel takes the lead and kimi asks to let him pass  :D
  • cornerslicercornerslicer Member Unleaded
    But wait...
    Vettel stops and...
    Appears to be going for a wee
  • Trux74Trux74 Member Unleaded
    And we're due for the first round of pit stops but wait there's an ominous looking dark cloud over part of the circuit. 
  • BelgiumDudeBelgiumDude Member Petrol Head
    Red flag! OMG what just happened there! 
  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    Ocon's spin due to light rain has knocked down a barrier, so it will need to be repaired;  Ocon is lucky to be still running.
  • CombatphilippeCombatphilippe Member Unleaded
    Now we are under red flag And we can see Kimi walking down the pitlane handing out ice creams to his fellow drivers.

    in the meanwhile the circuit has dried out as we wait for This race to get back underway.
  • DarkMarkXDDarkMarkXD Member Wheel Nut
    edited August 2017
    The barrier repair is complete and all the drivers are in their cars and are about to head back out to the track, the Mercedes garage have purchased a bulk load of Gorilla glue and are being seen smothering both Lewis and his headrest to the car - that headrest ain't moving!
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  • Eduardof1Eduardof1 Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    Green flag novamente e Massa abre o DRS e ultrapassa Perez e Ricciardo assumindo a terceira posição atrás das duas Ferrari.
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