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Let's talk about Rallycross (comparing DiRT4 to reality)

WeamDreaverWeamDreaver Member Pit Crew
So, everyone is pretty pleased with RX, some even say it's perfect.
I think it is good, but surely not perfect, especially not in the wet.

I just compared some real times for Holjes (dry) with D4 times.
Best time this year by Petter for a 4 lap heat session : 2:51.535
Best time by me (Polo RX) for a 4 lap heat session: 2:41.xxx
I could have been faster if I nailed every corner within in my abilities. But my driving compared to Petter looked really sloppy. And the fast guys out there are surely even better.
So there is quite some difference between reality and D4. Does anyone care?

And I think D4 is even more off when it comes to wet conditions. There is still so much grip in D4 with a soaking wet track... Watch some real wet action, e.g.this:
You barely see them drift at all, they have to drive super clean and cautious. Watch what happens once the car starts to go sideways at 26:55

We have way too much grip in the wet. And I think there is too much grip in dry conditions as well (see the times...). It just doesn't result in smilar complains like rally, because these cars have enough power to cover the lack of real grip (or too much of it). But the times reveal the difference.

Sure, RX in D4 is fun and good enough to make it look and feel realistic.
But I just don't think they nailed it as much and as perfectly as many are saying.


  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    Sure, RX in D4 is fun and good enough to make it look and feel realistic.
    But I just don't think they nailed it as much and as perfectly as many are saying.
    I think a part of that comes down to how it compares to the rally part of the game. While RX might be slightly off as you say, rally is quite a way off so in comparison RX looks way better
    Also, really wish they added the Latvian RX track to the game :)
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  • boganibogani Member Champion
    Yeah, the times are quite a bit off. It was the same in DR.

    It might come down to circuits being slightly off, of maybe just the fact that we can abuse the tires like madmen? Either way, driving the RX cars always puts a smile on my face, and they behave pretty much as I expekt them to. 

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  • Janneman60Janneman60 Member Unleaded
    I did a lot of rx myself and believe the tarmac behaviour is not bad but the gravel is wrong. Going over bad gravel brings the car out of balance and move is an unexpected way and dirt lacks that
  • hawku0hawku0 Member Wheel Nut

    In that video you can see the difference between tarmac and gravel grip of real RX cars.
    The cornering forces of the car drops significantly when the surface changes from tarmac to gravel/dirt.

    That kind of grip difference doesn't exists in Dirt 4's RX cars.
    Loose surface cornering and braking forces in the Dirt 4 are almost two times higher than the real life values in that RX video.

    It looks like that there are more grip available on gravel/dirt than on tarmac surfaces:

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